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Hyper VR in Company

Há diversos filmes e experiências narrativas de Realidade Virtual que trazem uma imersão única que pode inspirar e modificar pontos de vista dos espectadores


Experiências com Realidade Virtual In Company trazem a oportunidade de agregar grupos de trabalho, inspirar equipes e até relaxar colaboradores após uma semana de intensas reuniões


O Hyper VR In Company dá a chance de empresas mergulharem em universos digitais fantásticos com as melhores experiências VR disponíveis


Hyper Immersive Brazil

Missões internacionais para promoção do mercado brasileiro de conteúdo imersivo


Laval Virtual + NewImages 2018 - França

F8 - Facebook Developers 2018  - EUA

World VR Forum 2018 - Suíça  / Com Itamaraty e Embaixada na Suíça










Virtual Reality content and events

We create storytelling content in VR and AR, we bring clients into bespoke experiences that merge real life and digital worlds


  • 2017 - Hyper Virtual Reality Festival - 1st VR Festival in Brazil with 600+ attendees, 20+ VR films and games, 15 keynote speakers and 20 companies. 
  • 2016 - Expo BRVR - VR conference for 450+ attendees with 20 speakers in a full day of keynotes and several demos and exhibitions




Live Immersive Experiences

We build real live worlds based on beloved feature films where audience dive into mystery and adventure in a full themed set full of details and characters, giving people the opportunity to live inside the film


  1. 2015 - Back to the Future - 30th Anniversary - 500 die hard fans of the trilogy from 4 to 70 years old stepped into Hill Valley adventures for the first time, they danced, talked to characters, took photos with the Delorean Time Machine and celebrated together

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  1. 2014 - Fight Club immersive experience - 100 selected people got involved in group therapy and violence in the underground clubs of sweat and blood 

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